Intruder Alarms

High Quality Intruder Alarms in Hertfordshire

Our expertise means that our systems are amongst the most reliable available and you’ll be assured of complete peace of mind knowing your property is safe. We maximize security solutions and minimize inconvenience and eliminate false alarms so that you can rely on your intruder alarms to work at all times.

Every system is designed around your home and the way you live. We’ll make sure that yours is simple to use and you can choose additional features such as one-touch operation, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Optical Smoke Detection, Temperature Detector, Natural Gas detector, Flood Detection and Panic button facility.

Use Global Detection Systems to deter burglars and raise the alarm in the event of a break-in

We can install a speech dialler to the alarm system where upon being triggered it will call up to four numbers of your choice and leave a pre recorded message. This will alert you, family and friends that your alarm has activated.

Intruder and Burglar Alarms in Hertfordshire

If you want to know more about our SSAIB approved burglar alarm installations, get in touch and book a survey. Our technicians are available to determine the Alarm System best suited to your needs.

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Integrated Security Systems and Alarm Monitoring Services

GDS LTD supply technology based solutions which meet the demands for all aspects of security and standards required by users, the Police and the Insurance Industry. GDS’s vision is rigid; we only integrate the leading technologies to deliver reliable, resilient and dependable security system solutions.

GDS’s intruder alarm systems are bespoke and tailored for each and every customer’s requirements. As an SSAIB certified contractor, GDS LTD are able to provide monitoring via an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with direct access for emergency services to your property.

GDS’s security installations, such as Fire Alarms, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and Access Control Systems can be integrated into a single entity to deliver formidable technology based protection. Smart App technology simplifies system control and delivers unprecedented flexibility in the palm of your hand.

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our integrated alarm monitoring services

Digital Communicator Monitoring

This is a cost effective method of monitoring which sends the alarm signal down the telephone line to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Our technology enables the alarm panel to automatically dial the ARC and transmit a signal revealing the status of the panel.

Redcare Monitoring

BT Redcare uses non-dialling technology which continuously monitors the telephone line integrity, thereby detecting line cuts and faults within seconds. It represents a major security enhancement which is fully endorsed by leading insurers.

Digi Air Communicator Monitoring

DualCom DigiAir utilises all mobile networks via WorldSIM instead of a telephone line to signal the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). It is an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators as it eliminates call costs and phone charges.

Dual Path Monitoring

This is a unique method of monitoring designed to operate with two signalling paths by radio and telephone line. In the event of an activated alarm, the radio signal is transmitted to the ARC. The advantages of dual path signalling is that in the event of accidental or deliberate line failure, the alarm will communicate over the wireless network.

Only security systems installed and maintained by a Certified SSAIB installer reach the compliance standards required by The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) to authorise the emergency services response to your premises.

A GDS intruder alarm system that is monitored 24/7 adds an additional layer of protection to a ‘bells only’ system. Upon activation, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will take the necessary action, depending upon your instructions.

Benefits of a monitored alarm

  • Emergency escape lighting
  • Added peace of mind for your home and business, especially when your premises are vacant
  • Fast response to an activated alarm, reducing the risk of loss or damage
  • Keyholder communication protocols
  • Private physical security response
  • Insurance requirements met, especially in commercial environments

Hassle Free Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems protect your home with award winning two-way technology and a range of peripherals to suit any situation, while removing the hassle and disruption of running wires and cables.

The wireless security system can be installed with ease in new builds or existing houses with minimal disruption. Thanks to innovative wireless technology, its even ideal for listed buildings. For more information, please just click on the links below.

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